Samstag, 30. Mai 2015


Style: IPA
Tasted, Bottle, April 2015
Brewed: Greene King UK

It was one of these days. I came home tired and really, really needed a beer. Rich, thick, bitter...
OK, what can be better than some IPA? And the IPA coming from UK must be brilliant. Lets go Greene King!
First sip and my world is ruined - no bitter taste at all, or rather no taste almost. Short look at the label tells you that this one has 3,6% of alcohol. So that how the alcohol-free IPA tastes like*. Horrible. This beer could be accepted as nice pils or lager, as IPA it stands no chance. It would not make it to India either.

* there is one alternative possibility - this is a king of British sense of humor. This beer is perfectly fine for a joke.

Freitag, 29. Mai 2015


Style: Stout
Tested: Bottle, 2014
Brewed: Brauhaus Gusswerk, Austria

Lets keep it straight, it is one of the best stouts I have ever had. It can easily stand a direct comparison with Guinness. Dark, smooth aromatic. Pure joy.
Go and get it.

Donnerstag, 28. Mai 2015

Köstritzer Red Lager

Style: red lager
Tested: bottle, April 2015
Brewed: Köstritzer, Germany

I have some quite mixed feelings about this one - on one hand it is very good, lager beer. Because of its unusual color and taste, it should be able to win a heart of any "lighter"-beer-fan. On the other hand - this beer was released in the "Masterworks" series  - and it does not belong here! Its good, but not brilliant. Still - if you are able to get one, go for it.
BTW: Dear Köstritzer - I believe you may have somebody responsible for the distribution of your beer. But my belief is solely based on my knowledge of the company structure. Is this person on the leave? Or constantly sick? Something must be wrong since getting any of your beers (except the dark one*) is a nightmare. And my personal feeling is, that its getting worse.

* this one is only medium-hard to get

Dienstag, 26. Mai 2015

Beck´s Amber Lager

Style: Amber Lager
Tested: 2015, Bottle
Brewed: Beck´s & Co, Germany

Dear Beck´s brewery. Why do you even try your luck with beers different than a simple pils/lager? Your pale ale was a piece of sh... But look at this one - it is very nice, tasty lager. Bit better that the majority of lagers on the German market, and really good enough to not put a shame on your heads. Please accept the fact that this is your style and keep doing.

SNJ 20000

Style: Lager
Tested: 2015, Bottle
Brewed: SNJ Group, India

Here comes the exotic one. Brewed, bottled and smuggled from India (thanks Ramesh). Get me something different I have asked - and so I got this one. Lager beer with 7,5% of alcohol. Yes, you got it right. 7,5%. It looks very nice, clean yellow beer. Nothing to complain. The first sip, and the shock - it is SWEET. Yes, sweet. It may not be Pepsi, but its sweet enough to kill all other taste. Interesting to try, but nothing more - sorry, maybe a small danger - it is sold in 650 ml bottles. Since its sweet you just drink it like a refreshing drink. Until its too late...