Mittwoch, 10. Mai 2017

Short of the day - an overhopped monster

50 K IPA

Kees (the Netherlands)

With almost every beer tested I am getting more and more respect to Netherlands craft beer.
50K is clearly not a beer for everybody, but every IBU-dependent beer fanatic should try this one. Kees brewery says that they have loaded it with the hops? 

True mate.

Rarely have seen something like this – it is not a beer it is a colloidal solution of alpha-acids. It looks so thick that it gives an impression that I could eat it with a fork and knife. The truth is that I would suggest to call it a barley wine rather than IPA.

Still, 50K is full of hoppy herbal aromas and taste. Full body, overwhelming hoppy bitterness and medium long boozy finish. Almost no carbonation. Clearly not for everybody, but if your mouth just got full ova saliva only thinking of how much hops they have added, then go for it. It will fulfill all dream s of nay hops-junkie I know.


Freitag, 5. Mai 2017

Short of the day - A beer to chill(i)


Imperial Porter with chili

Het Uiltje (The Netherlands)

From the commercial description of this beer “We know what you are going to say, and you are right: This is not a beer for the weak-kneed pilsner sipper. And that’s okay…”

Het Uiltje is growing up to be a next star in the craft beer world. After being amazed by their “Old Enough to Drink” I have got a chance to ty this piece of the art. Pours dark with medium head. Aroma of dark chocolate and a bit of smoke. Taste is smoked chili with chocolate and a hint of coffee. Thick, rich and brilliant. And the chili gets hotter with each sip…

As a summary. Wise people say that good chili burns twice. Let’s say this chili was excellent.

Mittwoch, 3. Mai 2017

Short of the day - Pilsner in the Jar...

If PIGS can fly...

...then Pilsner can be served in a jar.

There are just two options - they wanted to spare on buying proper beer glass (an be hip on top), or they really hate that beer.

My bet is on the first one, The CRISP from Sixpoint Brewery is more than decent, German style pilsner. Solid bitterness and fresh finish. Solid carbonation and delicate malt. Clearly, no deviations toward American-style aromatic hops. Clean, pure and drinkable.

Brilliant, if you get some ribs on top.

Montag, 1. Mai 2017

Short of the day - Hop it to the top (?)


(double IPA)

Ouroboros (France)

Sometimes people criticize craft beers saying „The only thing you can is to put tons of hops a beer. That’s the only art you know.”
Well, would this be true, this IPA2 (I will assume that should mean double) would be probably one of the best in the world. Hopped with Warrior, Rakau, Centennial and Mozaic, simply must be brilliant. But…
It is not.
Sure, its heavy and bitter, strong alcohol and overall decently balanced. The problem is that the aromas from hops were lost on the way.
Given 4 types of hops used I would consider Hvergelmir as almost flat.  
In fact, I tend to count this as achievement – loose aroma from so many hops! Priceless!