Samstag, 20. Januar 2018

Baltic Porter Day 2018 Day 0 - Imperator Baltycki - regular vs barrel aged

Imperator Bałtycki
Imperator Bałtycki Sherry 
Oloroso Barrel
Pinta Poland

Even if I really love Imperium Prunum, Imperator Bałtycki has one big advantage. First of all, it is almost as good as Imperium (ratebeer rank 3 and 4), but most importantly you can buy it almost any time you want.
Pitch black, aromatic, hopped with American hops. Very solid coffee, smoked note and thick rich texture. It is rare to get so much for your money.

Sherry Oloroso Barrel gave Imperator additional liquor and praline notes. Nice vanilla finish and very, very low carbonation. Clearly +1 to respect.

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