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The Place and The Beer 7: Vagabund Brauerei, Berlin, Germany

Vagabund Brauerei


When reading about craft beer and Berlin, I have been bombarded with a lot of self-confidence and proud. Generally, it is good. But statements like:” one could say that Berlin is a kind of a capital of Germanys craft beer revolution” make me want to laugh.
OK, they have a Stone Brewing hall opened in Berlin, and I have been there (…). Very impressive. Still, with all respect, it is not German craft beer. On contrary, based on my experience it was freaking hard to just go out and get a craft beer.

Pils? Yes.
Ale? No.

Where's the revolution
  Come on, people
  You're letting me down” (DM)

Thus, being in Berlin for a second time, I have directly headed to the best craft brewery in town – Vagabund.

Why the best? Well, high ranks on many tourist sites, articles in German beer magazines and 4 stars on Ratebeer suggest that the place is worth a look.

On top – the place is founded by Americans, who clearly haven’t had an easy life when starting to open a brewery in the land of Reinheitsgebot.

The taproom itself is a place worth a look. Located in Berlin Wedding, next to small park and beautiful church clearly is nice to see. Nice furniture with wooden tables and stylish decorations. I can imagine it to be a great place to meet for the whole family and friends. And, indeed, there we families coming during my stay.

Plus, for the atmosphere.

I have decided to take a sampler of everything they had on a tap, and then spend nice evening drinking one or two chosen ones.
The candidates were:
American Pale Ale
Double IPA
Berliner Weisse
Melon Wheat

Here is what I think:

I love American Pale Ale and Berliner Weisse. The first one is clearly very drinkable, fruity aroma, low bitterness. Good every day beer that beats most of what is sold in any German supermarket/Getränkemarkt nowadays. Also, Berliner Weisse is nice interpretation of the style, sour and aromatic. Refreshing.

I am somehow neutral about the Melon Wheat. Honestly – I simply do not like melon. Therefore, at a start I was quite negative about that one. But, since I could not detect any melon taste or aroma in it was OK. I think that it was a decent Weisse.

Where I clearly was disappointed is double IPA. Sorry guys, I do not take double/imperial version of IPA to find average beer. This level is reserved for Pale Ales. Doubles must knock me on my knees with aroma and IBU. Double must be an experience. This one isn’t. And clearly not an IPA that I expect from somebody with American roots.

Overall Vagabund Brauerei is a mixed bag of experience. Great atmosphere and ambience. Mixed experience with a beer. Still, I think that Vagabund is clearly on a positive side and worth visiting.

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