Montag, 28. August 2017

Autumn is coming - more barley wine to warm you

Żywot Barley’a (Life of Barley)

Browar Maryensztadt (Poland)

Give me your barley wine and I will tell you how good you can brew. This may be a harsh statement, but I find it a kind a mastery to hide 9-12% of alcohol behind aromas and facture of the beer. Honestly, this is the level that separates the craftsman from the master.

And it is clearly visible here. The beer is 3 months after its best-to-drink date. In case of the strong beer, this promises rich taste and well balanced alcohol. Not in that case. Of course, there are some fruity aromas and malt and so on, but there is an overwhelming alcohol, hitting the nose, burning the throat. Very strong, too strong, unacceptable.

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