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Krakow BeerWeek 03 Part 3: Food Fotostory

Krakow BeerWeek 03
Part 3: 
Food Fotostory

I have just realized that I have made one important mistake when comparing KBW and Belgian beer festivals. I have forgotten about food. In case of Belgium, food on the festival is mostly a joke - strange choice and outrageously overpriced. On contrary, KBW offered a broad variety of food including pizza, burger, Mexican, Belgian fries, various sausages, chicken wings and more. Even rather weird things like frog legs were there. All this priced moderately.
I do not dare to say that I will be able to describe all the foods properly, therefore below is the photo show with some comments.

Wurst z Karry (Sausage with curry) truck, next to the Burger Ratunkowy (emergency burger).

Now it should be clear, why do they call themselves: Burger Ratunkowy (emergency burger).


One of the Burger Ratunkowy creations. Bigger that a grapefruit, solid chunk of meat. €5.5…

Curry point and a truck carrying a sophisticated name Mieso (Meat). Clearly not for vegetarians.

Panczo offering a variety of Mexican food including really spicy creations (see below)


This one clearly deserves a bit more space. In between all the burgers, chicken and all the other usual things, Walenty Kania was offering something unusual. Snails – he has them, frog legs in. Or maybe grilled bull’s balls? Lovely. In comparison, some food like Bogracz (Hungarian gulash) or solijanka were almost regular. Which does not mean that they were less tasty and good. The name of the truck Kuchnia dla Odwaznych (Cuisine for the braves) is its program. 

Maestro just before serving one of his creations and signing a book for my wife.

Yes, it is cooked on real fire.


Not exactly a food truck, but I simply had to mention that. This guys have decided to come with a coffee truck to a beer festival. It may be a sign of bravery of desperation. Independent of which one is right, still, a coffe truck on the beer festival is like putting a beef burger stand during the vegan parade.

Seeing them on the first day, I have decided that I will take a picture when I see anybody buying a coffee there. To be honest. I have a picture, taken in the evening of the day 3. I solely hope for those guys that this was not the only client during 3 days.#

To be continued in a mega-giga post with containing the rest of the beers…

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