Donnerstag, 15. Juni 2017

Can a celebrity chef brew? Jamie’s Italian Libertà.

Jamie’s Italian Libertà

Lager style

Bottle from Jamie’s Italian Greenwitch UK

Jamie Oliver has a special space in my heart. We have once prepared asparagus with oranges per his recipe, and this was the first time in my life I liked asparagus.
A Point for Jamie.
However, now, thanks to my wife and friends I have learned that Jamie has become a brewer. Why not, brewing is a kind of cooking and I haven’t seen anything wrong in it.
Bit sadly, the beer is brewed by Freedom brewery in the UK, and there is no information about Jamie’s involvement in the process.
Libertà pours nice, golden with small head. Aroma is rather mildly intensive and hard to define (maybe bit of sweet and cereal). First sip and…
It is clearly sweet. Not much, but clearly sweet, possibly honey… Honey and cereal aroma, medium carbonation. Brewery obviously saved on hops and the bitterness is very hard to detect. All together this is very drinkable beer, even if clearly not a world class one.
Now for the explanation – I rarely read the label of the beer before tasting. I don’t like to be biased. It is much more interesting to smell and taste first and read the label later.
So, I read the label and relaxed a bit. The beer is indeed brewed with an addition of acacia honey. This explains a lot.
After all that I have mixed feelings.
I was hoping on Jamie doing a beer – not clear if it is there.
I was hoping for a beer that would be a bit out of the box (like Jamie’s kitchen) – this is there.

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