Freitag, 18. November 2016

Kasteel Barista Chocolate Quad - sweet killer

Kasteel Barista Chocolate Quad

Brouwerij Van Honsebrouck, Belgium

According to its makers - Barista Chocolate Quad is supposed to unite the worlds of coffee and beer. Therefore, unique combination of roasted and chocolate malts.
Well, I believe that the combination could be successful, if the brew master didn’t have an idea to add a cocoa powder in the process. Roasted coffee aroma? Not present, to very slight at best. Chocolate takes it all. To be honest this may be the most chocolate beer I have ever had (Or at the same level with Samuel Smith Organic Chocolate Stout). Chocolate in the aroma and in flavor. It is great. It’s so much chocolate that one does not feel the 11% of alcohol this beer has. Lack of roasted aromas isn’t bad. This way, the beer is straight, you stop thinking about the rest, you just drink the funkiest chocolate of your life. One piece of complain (if any) – carbonation could be a bit lower. Still, great beer. And for exhausting Autumn days its priceless. Piece of chocolate art!

BTW: why sweet killer - well, get 2 and try to stand up...


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