Donnerstag, 3. November 2016

Cukierek albo Psikus - Pumpkin ALe

Browar Na Jurze

Look what I have found first Pumpkin Ale popped up in the garden. Obvious sign that the Autumn is here for good (and bad).
It may be the first pumpkin ale on the blog, therefore I should start with a few words of introduction. Pumpkin ales (ales not ale – because in fact there are various beers made with an addition of pumpkin) are typically American beer style brewed in the Autumn. Very often (or in most cases) combined with a lot of natural spices or artificial flavors, they are rather sweet and aromatic.

Yesterday, I was really in the mood for a sweet taste, therefore “Cukierek albo Psikus” (Trick or Treat) was my first choice. After opening I was seriously struggling to get a strong spice and pumpkin aroma out of this one. No way. Very moderate and balanced. Not really overwhelming. The same is with the taste, light cardamom, some ginger, maybe nutmeg. All very well balanced and drinkable. There are some hoppy notes, buy=t they are rather low and bitterness is almost not there. On top really nice amber-orange color and reasonable carbonation. Being used to strongly aromatic American Pumpkin ales - If I wouldn’t know that it’s a pumpkin ale, I might have a problem to recognize one. Still after giving it a second and third thought (and sip) I realized that I really like this interpretation of the style. It is much more beer and much less soft drink. Good job.

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