Donnerstag, 23. Juli 2015


Style: APA (Americna Pale Ale)
Tested: Bottle, 2014, 2015
Brewed: Riegele BierManufactur, Germany

Another great beer from Germany (Germans don´t be so happy - over 85% of beer sold in your country is boring mass production). Just to get straight to the point Riegele brewed an excellent beer - with a decent bitter taste, but very sparkling refreshing at the same time (maybe a small mango aftertaste is there). But there is more. Finally some German brewery realized that 0.33 l. is size for girls. 0.66 is much better. And on top Riegele joins a small group of German craft breweries, who are really interested that their product reaches the masses - yes, the price is only 6,05€/liter (at least 1.5€ less than German average for a craft beer). Well done boys. Keep doing!

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