Freitag, 31. Juli 2015


Style: Russian Imperial Stout (Oak Aged)
Tested: Bottle, early 2015
Brewed: Muellerschoppe, Germany

Let's bring it to the point - I am familiar with the imperial stout type, but never had a Russian, oak aged subtype before - therefore, whatever I say below may be wrong, because its just supposed to be that way. Also, just a disclaimer, I made sure that beer was still in its "best before" time.
Enough talking - it is disgusting - it may be the first time I have just thrown away half a bottle of rather expensive beer. There may be some stout taste left but it is overwhelmed by a strong sour taste - but not the funny sort (like Gose), its rather heavy like in some "medicine grade, heavy CO2/Sulphur containing" mineral waters. Not sure whether it was wanted or its an accident, but, according to me it all went wrong. Horrible.

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