Dienstag, 26. Mai 2015

SNJ 20000

Style: Lager
Tested: 2015, Bottle
Brewed: SNJ Group, India

Here comes the exotic one. Brewed, bottled and smuggled from India (thanks Ramesh). Get me something different I have asked - and so I got this one. Lager beer with 7,5% of alcohol. Yes, you got it right. 7,5%. It looks very nice, clean yellow beer. Nothing to complain. The first sip, and the shock - it is SWEET. Yes, sweet. It may not be Pepsi, but its sweet enough to kill all other taste. Interesting to try, but nothing more - sorry, maybe a small danger - it is sold in 650 ml bottles. Since its sweet you just drink it like a refreshing drink. Until its too late...

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