Samstag, 30. Mai 2015


Style: IPA
Tasted, Bottle, April 2015
Brewed: Greene King UK

It was one of these days. I came home tired and really, really needed a beer. Rich, thick, bitter...
OK, what can be better than some IPA? And the IPA coming from UK must be brilliant. Lets go Greene King!
First sip and my world is ruined - no bitter taste at all, or rather no taste almost. Short look at the label tells you that this one has 3,6% of alcohol. So that how the alcohol-free IPA tastes like*. Horrible. This beer could be accepted as nice pils or lager, as IPA it stands no chance. It would not make it to India either.

* there is one alternative possibility - this is a king of British sense of humor. This beer is perfectly fine for a joke.

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