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Lithuanian craft beer weekend in Brussels, Dynamo - Bar de Soif, Brussels, Belgium

Lithuanian craft beer weekend in Brussels: 26 beers on Tap

February 9-11, 2018

Dynamo – Bar de Soif, Brussels

This was very difficult weekend for me as a beer lover. Not so often I have to choose between 3 events in the same evening. But a possibility of trying a craft beer from Lithuania was the most interesting one. First, because I have never had a Lithuanian craft beer before. Second, because just few days ago a colleague of mine (@gobeertrippin) have recommended Lithuanian IPA on a DM group.

For the introduction – event was organized by the Lithuanian community in Brussels. Based on what I have found there are currently around 3000 Lithuanians living in Belgium (half in Brussels). Interestingly, the story of the Lithuanian craft beer is very similar to Polish one. Both countries have a history of brewing. In both countries vodka was more prevalent in the communist times and bot lands have a gradual turn in the direction of beer. Good beer.

A place to beer was Dynamo bar, that is a place to craft beer in Saint-Gilles. They have already hosted Estonian and Scottish craft beer events and are constantly providing a solid selection of beers on tap and in bottles.

Lithuania was represented by 4 breweries:

  • Sakiškių alus ( @sakiskiugerimai
  • Braworas Apynys ( @braworasapynys
  • Kuro aparatūra (
  • Dundulis ( @dundulisbeer

If you consider 26 beers to try, you can imagine that the fact of not having a degustation size was really annoying. I could test only limited number of beers.

On plus was the price. 4.5/quite exotic beer is very fair.

On top, Lithuanian snacks, nice people and full house.

Now, it is beer time

Sakiškių alus Bloody Mary Gose


For what it was supposed to be it was disappointing. Delicately smoked gose with medium carbonation and light body. I don’t know where the Bloody Mary part went. 

Kuro Aparatura Ovejenias 
Caribbean Dubbel
Hazy brown with small head. Delicate aroma of Belgian yeast and malt. Taste is very classical malty dubbel, bit creamy. Not bad, but rather average. Two people tried and non-have realized why this is called Caribbean. There is no hint on any exotic addition in it. 

Sakiškių alus – Gin Tonic IPA

This was for me the best beer of the evening. Amazing combination of gin tonic aroma with juniper bitterness. Taste is spicy, orange and juniper. Overall effect like unique and deserves appraisal. Don’t mind people giving it low rating on Ratebeer. This is awesome beer. Kudos to the brewer.

Apynys – Mango Milkshake IPA

Milkshake IPA of world class. Aromas of exotic fruits, mostly pineapple and grapefruit. Pine on top. Delicate carbonation and amazing smoothness. Flavor is milky, exotic fruits and delicate bitterness. Not getting more bitter during drinking. Drinkable to the limit. Great beer.

Dundulis – Juodaragis 
Gruit ale

I have a very direct comparison with Belgian interpretation of gruit ( And I like Lithuanian version more. Rich, thick dark ale. Must have something to do with kvass or bread addition. Taste is heavily herbal, bitter in aftertaste. Very original and very interesting.

Dundulis – Devyniaragis

First non-polish braggot I have ever tried. Lithuanian interpretation is clearly on the “dry” side. Bit peppery, very dry honey, more in aroma than in taste. Almost not sweet at all. Nice malt finish and average carbonation. On plus side it is great balanced - 9% of alcohol are not detectable at all.

Taken together - great evening in a good company!

Finally - question to any Lithuanian that reads this - where in Brussels I can get some of this beers? Maybe more (Green monster IPA?)

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