Mittwoch, 10. Mai 2017

Short of the day - an overhopped monster

50 K IPA

Kees (the Netherlands)

With almost every beer tested I am getting more and more respect to Netherlands craft beer.
50K is clearly not a beer for everybody, but every IBU-dependent beer fanatic should try this one. Kees brewery says that they have loaded it with the hops? 

True mate.

Rarely have seen something like this – it is not a beer it is a colloidal solution of alpha-acids. It looks so thick that it gives an impression that I could eat it with a fork and knife. The truth is that I would suggest to call it a barley wine rather than IPA.

Still, 50K is full of hoppy herbal aromas and taste. Full body, overwhelming hoppy bitterness and medium long boozy finish. Almost no carbonation. Clearly not for everybody, but if your mouth just got full ova saliva only thinking of how much hops they have added, then go for it. It will fulfill all dream s of nay hops-junkie I know.


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